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Safety First

Some great safety tips for riding the bus!

Safety Tips

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Tips For Riding The Bus Safely

  • Be at your bus stop at least 5 minutes prior to the buses arrival.
  • If you have to cross the road to board the bus check that traffic has stopped before you start to cross the road.
  • Don’t push to get on the bus. Please board the bus in single file.
  • Know your bus route number to and from school.
  • Remain seated at all times during the bus route.
  • Talk quietly on the bus. Please no shouting or yelling.
  • Please don’t eat on the bus other students maybe allergic to your food and it is a choking hazard.
  • Be aware of the danger zone around a school bus. Never cross behind the bus.
  • No Large objects are allowed on the bus. Hockey bags, skateboards.
  • Always listen to your school bud driver.

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Important Safety Info

Our drivers undergo extensive training before they drive students to and from school. Following techniques learned through PRIDE certification and Ministry of Transportation (MTO) guidelines we produce highly skilled professional drivers. As well we enhance this training with annual safety refreshers and newsletters are distributed throughout the course of the year.

The school buses are subject to regular inspections by the
MTO and our own stringent maintenance program.

We also provide safety programs
for the students that we transport.

First Ride

We provide training for our JK students to prepare them for riding a school bus for the first time. This program takes place the last Tuesday in August every year and you can register your child through the buskids website.

Bus Patrols

We train student candidates to become school bus patrols in late September every year. These students are trained in accordance to CAA guidelines with the help of our drivers, local fire and police departments.

Bus Evacuations

During October and November the school bus evacuation program is completed at each school. All children at the school participate in the proper techniques for evacuating a school bus.

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